12 July 2007


Things slowed down in May and June while half the band rehearsed as the Susi French Connection. But now our actual "return" show is finally getting close. July 28th at Eddie's Attic in Atlanta. Kaiser Cartel, a great duo from Brooklyn. Come to this one because I have not, as yet, bothered to book anything else. Though I'll probably actually start trying in the next couple of weeks, but even that means probably another two months. I'm in no rush.

But I DID want to have new material before I played any shows and for a while it looked as if that wasn't going to happen, but luckily, things have suddenly started to come together. The writing process is totally different this time. Normally, I came up with music and let it stew for a bit and then usually wrote lyrics in one sitting. I came to the band with complete songs, with a few exceptions, and we spent time working out parts for the rest of the band. This time around, I wanted to deliberately break that pattern. So far, I've only brought in half-ideas and we've built songs from there, and now that they're taking shape I'm writing lyrics bit by bit. The better news is that this time around Lee's bringing in songs as well, and right now it's an even split between us as writers. You'll hear some of them at Eddie's.

Hope you can make it out.


Mo said...

Welcome back! See you Saturday!

Mo said...

Congrats and welcome back! We missed you guys!

A request...Guy Fawkes Day????

See you on Saturday.

Paul said...

No Guy Fawkes, I'm afraid. But yes to Jeff Lynne.

terri said...

The show was amazing, from start to finish. Loved the new stuff - yay for Lee! You have been absent far too long, and the packed house proved I'm not the only one who thought so. So welcome back, and get off yer butt and book some more shows!