30 July 2007

28-July - Eddie's Attic (Atlanta)

w/ Kaiser Cartel

I sure did like them Kaiser Cartels people (it's actually Kaiser Cartel. I know that. I just like saying it like that). You should go listen and buy all their stuff. CONSUME! CONSUME!

Okay, now that you're back... seriously, they were really very amazing and good people. There's a song by the Tragically Hip called "Escape Is At Hand For the Travelling Man" that more than anything else I know sums up the strange sort of moments musicians sometimes have with each other when you're playing the same bill. The moments between sets and after the show, where you're just talking and being reminded that you're a member of this bizarre secret club with its own language and concerns. I sat and talked for a while with Courtney, who I think I will now simply refer to as The Kaiser, because between that conversation and the show itself I find myself with my current dilemma.

No, no, it was a good show. A really good welcome back. You made us feel great and I can't thank you enough. Oh, we were sloppy, sure, but it just resulted in more smartass banter onstage. A great crowd, a good show.

So, what's the dilemma? Well, music and I seem to be getting back together again. So now she and I have to sit down and have the conversation. You know, the one where we discuss where this relationship is headed.

I hate that conversation. And I blame all of you and the Kaiser for making me have it.

Disclaimer: No actual blame should be construed as being placed on either Courtney Kaiser or the members of the Arts and Sciences viewing and listening audience. This is a literary conceit Paul dreamed up pretty much just for the sake of calling Courtney "The Kaiser" because he found it amusing.

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