23 February 2007

Now that the housecleaning is out of the way, there are a couple of other issues...

During the layoff our domain name was skunked from under us. So, from here on out you can find us at either theartsandsciences.net or paulmelancon.com.

Also, during those salad days, I managed to lose our entire database of mailing list names. So, if you've ever signed up before, please do so again. Either at the form at the top of our website, or in the comments here, or any other location you think might work. All we need is a name, an email address and a city (so you don't get emails for shows that are on the other side of the country).


1 comment:

Joanie said...

Hi Paul,

Wish you'd get to Raleigh, Paul. I wanna hear you sing "Jeff Lynne" LIVE -- "the feeling I get when you love me...doesn't compare to you leaving me...." -- you SO get him! You have one of the best voices in the biz...

Keep your chin up and get on the road when you can so more people can HEAR you...it will happen for you. Hold on tight to your dream. ;-)

On your Street Team
Raleigh, NC